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The 10 Most SECRET Spells known only to The 10 Most EVIL Witches in the Universe (Kindle 8) eBook: Fiona Prior: Kindle Store.
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Rumple, David F. Gray, and many more. Fall into sinkholes, brave the tales of witchcraft, grotesque creatures, and demons, and feel the terror of explorations gone wrong. Siddonie Preston has spent sixteen years as the Duchess of Erland, studying her husband's realm and its people, waiting to be named Lord after him and to serve Erland's interest as she sees fit. As a benevolent and innovative ruler, the likes of which Erland has never seen before, she feels that the love of its people is guaranteed.

But on the eve of her coronation her stepson--her husband's only child, a would-be despot who was purposefully disinherited--threatens her with a credible claim to the Lordship.

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She feels she is justified in getting rid of him, but even after her coronation the problems won't stop. Erland has never been ruled by a woman outside the traditional line of inheritance, and it seems every one of her advisors is waiting to betray her. Having gotten rid of her stepson, the temptation to deal with everyone else who presents an obstacle to her rule is hard to resist--especially when done for the good of the people.

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Erland's people will never love her as a human being, though, and when the moral price becomes too heavy to bear Siddonie must decide between the love of Erland and love of herself. Everyone but Sophia and Cyrus were going to die. They were all goners well before they knew it. And they certainly thought whatever was happening, they were helping others and saving the world doing it. Samantha was only fourteen and looking for what every fourteen-year-old looks for— freedom.

She wanted to be as far away from her substance-riddled mother and abusive home as possible, but she never asked for anything like this. It always starts with just one person and one fucked up idea. This is the story about Samantha and the cult called Freedom House. A psychological horror thriller, this book will frustrate you, scare you, disturb you, and at times, it will make you want to be ill.

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Are you ready to learn what's going on behind the doors of Freedom House? Not for the faint of heart. The Darkside of Good Series. Book 1: The Darkside of Good. Traversing back to the ancient Prime Martial World from modern age, Austin finds himself in a younger body as he wakes up. Yet, the young man he possesses was a miserable dimwit , what a bummer!

Possessing this younger and stronger body, he will fight his way to become the God of martial arts , and rule the whole Martial World! A hidden past.

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A desperate present. An inescapable future. Two separate lives brought together by the interconnected threads of time and destiny are about to change the world forever.

Of that, there is no doubt. But sometimes a healing and salvation first requires a devastation and destruction in order to begin. All the martial artists wanted was to earn a spot in history. Some worked their way to the top and some became nothing but heaps of dust on the ground. Some were born into riches and jewels, and some were born with nothing but a strong mind and a great talent, like Zen Luo. Firestone is a sensational, suspenseful,action packed thriller: It's a monster of a tale!

In an age of bone and stone, in a land full of supernatural creatures, Atlantis a lost City,a place of wealth and power, is misled by a blood mage whose sole purpose is to harness immortality! Standing in his way are all the supernatural creatures of the world--so naturally he devises a brutal crusade to cleanse the world of their kind.

To do this, Sin sends his Crystal Hunters, and a newly conscripted apprentice, Sephonei, to the land of darkness in search of the Eternal Bloodstone. Little does he know that a shaman from the last Neanderthal clan had a mystic vision from the'great mother' who showed him the 'great sadness' that is to come. UnnTruthsay'r sends his only son, Roeg Stonehold'r, on an impossible quest in search of the same stone.

If Roeg has any chance of survival, he must first overcome his inner demons! Spinning tales of supernatural mythology, this is the first book in a four-part series--it's funny, haunting, and thrilling!

It's bursting with messages of diversity and acceptance, overcoming adversity and testing the limits of friendship--it's a great read for the whole family! Emily Creed, The Chosen One. A powerful and extraordinary, story about the spiritual encounters, of a young woman. Her unbelievable transition from childhood to adult, will bring you to your knees. This is a spellbinding, heart racing, suspense story about the supernatural world.

4 Easy Steps Of Becoming A Witch Or Wiccan

Souls were brought forward, and they will clear the pathway for the unborn. A new era has arrived, and has been concealed within the boundaries of two worlds. Emily Creed, has been chosen by the Gods, to bring about eternal life. The 6th and final Volume of the Flashes of Fear Series!

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Make sure and read these final eight flash fiction horror stories with the lights on! You're in for a truly scary read! Demons, mad killers, ghosts, and more fill the pages of the book! The Flashes of Fear series can be read in any order since each volume, and each individual flash fiction story is standalone. But it's more fun And more frightening! If you read all six volumes!

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The Complete Series collection will be available in ebook and paperback editions on October 31st, In this collection of stories, all is not what it seems Broken promises have unexpected consequences. Going to space should be a day of celebration. A sunny disposition conceals a dark family secret. And why does a bit of pickled pumpkin have an entire neighbourhood on edge? Lauren dreads the upcoming wedding of Aunt Rose at Monarchy Castle. As if bridezilla is not scary enough, Lauren encounters a terrifying ghost-bride whose murder she investigates with the help of her friend John.

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Monarchy Castle harbors many dark secrets that place Lauren in grave peril. In this fourth installment of The Hauntings in Montana series, Lauren will have to overcome dangers beyond anything she could have imagined to uncover the truth and prevent the murderer from taking another life including her own.

The Devil is alive and well and living in the Catholic church, the church is infested, God help the Pope, no one else will. I hope you enjoy my little tale. Got a strong heart? Frighten easily. Do have a cell standing by, you may need it. I would also recommend a Bible within reach. Check the room behind you, are your doors locked?

Sit back and enjoy, make sure to leave another light on. Dive into the first entry of the Underverse as we follow Robert Grant in his search for his lost family friend, Jebediah Buell. Will Grant find Jebediah in the sleepy town of Laveau, or will he find something much, much worse? Two hundred years have passed since the world's previous magical renaissance.

This tale recounts the origins, challenges, achievements, and rise to prominence of some of the most famous and well-regarded contemporary occultists. Those who sought and still seek to bridge the gaps in human knowledge and understanding. Cassidy's story is a probe into the human mind and the universe itself, and all the ways that they tangle together.

This is a story about love, as they all are.


Love for oneself, love for those around, and love that radiates from a single heart and fills the entire cosmos. For who is beyond our grasp to love? When Martha Valentine returned to Marytown, her motives were deeply personal.