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The mission of this book is not to call men to God. That is the exclusive work of the Holy Spirit within you. The mission is to call man to embrace the true logic of.
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Many people feel there is a great renewal of faith brewing in our nation. However, America is not the Christian nation it once was. In terms of world empires, there have only been, since Nebuchadnezzar, four world empires, and all of them have been dominated by evil. Your history teachers have probably told you this is true even if they were not Christians. These evil empires tolerated immorality and became corrupt.

They were brutal. And they collapsed internally because of their sin and corruption. The Devil had a right to offer these kingdoms to Jesus. But why would Jesus want those corrupted kingdoms? Jesus is going to come back as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, to set things up as they ought to be.

He doesn't need the Devil's help, and He doesn't need the Devil's kingdoms. He would never have accepted that offer, but the Devil thought that was his "best card. We have already studied the rise and fall of various world empires under Satan's control and the emerging final form of that political structure. We have also traced the course of false world religions from the time of Nimrod in Babel through the period of The Tribulation. Now we examine the secret societies which have controlled wealth and power from behind the scenes, and the sinister religious connections with these secret societies.

Some have referred to this power behind the scenes as the Invisible Government. Matthew - As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. Jeremiah and - 'Peace, peace,' they say, when there is no peace. Note: The implication in this section that there is a conspiracy to produce a universal government is accepted by many prophecy scholars, but rejected by others.

There is no doubt that there will be a One-World Government, but there are differing views on the processes that lead to it. Some have called this an "open conspiracy," meaning one that is not totally hidden, but is more of a one-world agenda by the rich and powerful. This elite group publish their ideas, but the public is never made aware of their ultimate plans. For balance here, See Appendix - Warnings and Cautions. This was an ancient system of Jewish theosophy and mysticism which still has adherents today.

It denies the inspiration of Scripture and blends metaphysical and occult practices, trying to mesh them with the Old Testament.

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This system of belief flourished during the time of the writing of the New Testament. It is a dualistic philosophy that there are two equally powerful forces in the universe- one good and one evil. This fraternity arose during period of the Crusades. Some may have meant well at the beginning, but it was so corrupted that it became a great blight on Christian history and a serious stumbling block between Christians and Jews and between Christians and Moslems.

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Here is a brief history of this movement:. In the early 's, the surviving Knights Templars merged with them since they were not allowed to continue their own organization.

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Their beliefs and practices were very secret through the 's. They may have been the pre-cursors of the Masonic Orders. According to Gary Kah, it had Rosicrucians deep within its structure.

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These were the Princes of Freemasonry. The Illuminati were an order within an order of Freemasons. This order was founded on May 1, by Adam Weishaupt, a college professor in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, a part of modern Germany. Gary Kah cites John Robinson, 18th Century historian and prominent Mason, that the express aim of the Order was to abolish Christianity and overturn government.

Weishaupt said the name is derived from Lucifer, and means "Holders of the Light. He was created as an angel of light Isaiah ; Ezekiel ; 2 Corinthians , then he rebelled against God and fell.

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At the Masonic Congress of Wilhelmsbad, in July, the Illuminati reached the zenith of their power. This conference solidified Weishaupt and his order as undisputed head of the occult one-world movement. Weishaupt also forged an alliance with the growing Rothschild banker network. The Illuminati were banned in Bavaria in as subversive.

Their work was apparently exposed by an act of God when a messenger carrying secret information to members of the Illuminati was struck by lightning.

His documents were exposed, and used as the basis of action by the government of Bavaria to ban the organization. Copies of this information was sent to heads of government all over Europe, but most people did not take it seriously. These people continued to exert influence through the network of illuminated Masonic Lodges already in place, especially through the Grand Orient Lodge of France.

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Kah says that The Illuminati were condemned by George Washington in Our first president was a Mason, but he was a godly man. He was a surveyor, and would naturally belong to Masonic trades. But there is no evidence that he personally was involved in any of the unfortunate secret aspects of the founding of our nation and its capital, such as the city of Washington D. He wrote, "I have heard much of the nefarious and dangerous plan and doctrines of the Illuminati. It was not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States.

Government Printing Office, This discussion is about orders within orders in Freemasonry, and about the illuminated orders in particular. However, that does not necessarily mean that all Masons believe the same thing. There is so much about secret societies that we do not know. But we do know about the terrible corruption that permeated some aspects of Freemasonry from the time of the Illuminati. We might expect a person who is a high order Mason to say, "Honestly, we don't have any of this stuff in our literature. Some of our own close relatives were Masons, and we don't think they had any idea about these things.

They didn't go high enough in the organization to discover the deeper truth. Like most people, they were in it for the business networking and the idea of good works. Masons have a great image as humanitarians. Another aspect of this study is in answer to the question, "Why would the rich and powerful people want to control the world? But history teaches us they did not just enjoy life.

Historically, as people become richer, they also become greedy for power. They want to control more and more. Finally, some of these rich and powerful people reached the obvious conclusion that they would like to control the world. Some of these people have conspired together to do just that.

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They have planned how they or their descendants can literally control the whole world. Taylor Caldwell's Captains and The Kings was a very artful novel about an immigrant who made good here in the United States against terrible odds. The underlying theme of the book was that the really powerful people in the United States were not the people in congress, but the ones who bought congressmen. They were the ones who held something over congressmen's heads so they could manipulate them.

Truthfully, this is not so hard to believe today.

There are some notable exceptions. But, since it costs huge amounts of money to successfully run for congress, it is obvious that the rich can have great influence on campaigns, and therefore, on the allegiance of the politicians they have helped. Today there are laws about campaign practices, but there are ways of getting around them. No one admits that they are "owned" by anyone, but if one of a congressman's big backers calls and asks him to vote a certain way, he will have to seriously consider doing it.

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Today you could not prove that any organization is the Illuminati, but the principles they established are very much alive in the various organizations we will consider. It later moved to Washington D. The Paladian Rite was established in by Albert Pike, the leader of Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the United States and Giuseppe Mazzini, an Italian revolutionary leader and worldwide director of illuminized Freemasonry from to The purpose of the Paladian Rite was to be behind the scenes and control all the other Masonic groups. Most people don't know much about this group.

According to Gary Kah, Mazzini wrote to Pike that this would be the supreme rite; that it would be somewhat unknown, but through it, the hand-picked high degree Masons who became a part of it would secretly govern all Freemasonry. On July 14, , Pike instructed twenty-three Supreme Councils of the world to tell people that Masons worship a God, but one who is adored without superstition.