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They have in common the fact that they are Christian, two of them Catho-,1k, two of them Protestant. Can it be that Christianity in a non-Caucasian is lubtly intolerable to the liberals becausa ' ' It nintsxat reactionaryism? Can it be that non-Christianity in a non-Caucasian omehow gives the guarantee of event- ual oomplianceNrith liberal principles, so that political shortcomings can be overlooked? From the conservative viewpoint, " modern liberalism is related to radical ism, r materialism and t other matters Britain by appeal to the "Laws of Na ture and of Nature's God.

Modern Uberalism In America gravitated toward France during the early republic and toward Russia during this century. Modern conservatism never casts off from its American moorings. It reveres the trust in God, the traditional religious holidays and ceremonies, -the Constitution and all the other fundamentalism of the nation. And the same liberals, looking abroad, do not like what they see when a pro-Western leader, born yellow orbhick, embraces a Quistian " church.

That makes him a reaction-. That marks himasj. Pro-Western -Leaders. Only Non-Christians Need Apply. Central Intelligence director is that tiie Communist aggressors now have better weapons and are operating in large organized units.

Total Red forces in South -Viet Nam and enemy-held territory -hi adjoining Laos and Cambodia are estimated at more, than , Lost Weapons 5, 8, We ; For the benefit of readers who now have too many of the land, say they are unable to locate in my opinion. We need more that issue,. I Eysench, professor of psycholo- who 1 TJ! B at the University ita. Only one thing was wrong the patients did not get any better. The writer knows of similar While the Reds use all types of weapons most of them are Russian-made.

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C , who, strongly favors expanding the war to North Viet Nam. That has :rns hpr in Utah related hv not been changed, and there is ' such patients.

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A hospital pa- no likelihood it ever will be McCone's succesor is still not selected. The only decision so far made by the President is to replace McCone with a "name" rather than" a "technician. This took the equity of their home and moved the family out. Say I , think we had the most security of u! I've never had my back scrubbed by a bayonet before.

Bob Hope,. We have modern know-bow. We art teaching the Spaniards business methods that we learned from the Yankees 30 or which are more of the body than of tha 40 years ago and adjusted to Hispanic-. Ours was ES uprising to jeservt English oon- big here. A Cuban refugee department stort manager now operating successfully in Spain. Editor Herald: As a citizen and non-smoker I should like to pose this ques- tion to the tobacco companies and to our constituted lawmaking bodies local, state and national. Medical authorities have called attention to the role of tobacco in causing cancer, with cigarettes particularly singled out.

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Yet the advertising goes on, with television and radio especially - carrying exaggerated statements. And some mem- ca-tot tim tom;m ftf tab thi bers of the medical fraternity - broadcasting. Then the manufacturing companies, we were informed, would label their sales package as containing a poison. Apparently this has not been done. We wrote to Chairman Harris of the Congress commitea on communications for a reply to an article appearing in the September Reader's Digest deploring overommerciaIization of radio and television broadcasts. We received a prompt answer and an page report which has been placed in the hands of the Utah County Commission chairman for study..

In this letter, Mr. Harris charges that broadcasting companies have disregarded their own ; declared' policy and schedule as to their He states that Dr.

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Eysench says, "Then how is it possible that a method of treatment which has no evidence to back - it up can attract so many firm believers as to constitute almost a modern religion.. The treatment has no proven value. After 39 years of existence of ' psychiatry, howjs-it that the v disease continues to increase by the hour when babies.

A return to the days when claims had to be backed up by proof would appear overdue. Psychoanalytic practitioners cannot enter this picture unless and until they provide evidence for the therapeutic value of their methods. Eysench says, "Freud himself in his later years became more and morepessimistic about the therapeutic possibilities of his own techniques.

There are miles of wide, hard-surfaced avenues in Bra- salia, new capital of Brazil set- the communications commission tied three -years ago. Its pres- is calling for renewal contracts era population is aoout zuo. Now is the time for the public to make its feelings' known on " this matter. Leon Jarvia W. The planned city was built from "scratch" in a wilderness hundreds of miles west of theold capital, Rio de Janeiro, as a more central location to serve a mushrooming population.

Try it free. Get access to this page with a Free Trial. With these, conclusions firnuy esiair ii. Iimi In mv mind 'I began a ayrtemai. I did not Interview either of the detectives or gci their aide ef the atory. The question of the youth of tnn ic- tlm I originally held, and do yet, as being against him and meriting no con- Ideratlon for this reason.

Thn moat des perate crlmlnala known to history wera mere hova. I reeollert the car barn mur. The fart that the victim was unarmed nd that hla only line of defense was In flight can neither be conaldered, as it list be presumed that a man engaged n rh a hazard would not be nnarmea, and there was no way for the officers to iow anything to the contrary. I'et- tit could probably have grappled with him, and would undoubtedly have done.. M h a lima rniU bate aattd bla h'r "' i,r tvitu avild ha pm la irH al Hie nan MtiMn were hla men e"- Tba j,4eitui aa lw n.

I ronld lint hurd! My fleet com u1nn ai once rt-' og. A large emduw khrre he eirten-d.

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In Ihe eaat end of Ihe rmnn, the door In Ihe southwest corner, the Ixil In Hie northwest corner and a large trunk be tween Hie smitli wall and bd with a apai-a belwern them of not more than two feel. The only plate ot concealment for the officer In ihla very email I room was to crouch down at the end of the trunk, which he did, or crawl under the lnd, which a wild have been ebaolutely nnjiractlrable. I'etnt could not hev rei-Jird a portion heieecn the vlrtlm and the window without running ever he former.

The serond conclusion was aa errone ous sa the first. There la no place on tho east aide nf thia building here an tTlcer could have been concealed and be wlihln reacti of 11, or close enough to he of any service In an emergency. The third conclusion, I realize a-as not tenable. I think that In the excitement. Pettlt was mistaken In the position In which Alex ander left tile building, lie evidently ran In a stooping position entering Hie window bead first, and flipping one hand to thn window sill, doubted up his legs and went over the sill like a bov jump- I'Hf'a fence and Instead of alighting on hla bands, alighted on his feet.

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In thia poaltlon he would neceaaarlly snuat as be struck the ground. In leaving the window In Hits position It would expose his arm end back to the shots by 'Pettlt, ami again aa be landed hla body only would be exposed, The preceding paragraph largely remove the fourth conclusion, but lu addition lo this, there Is no question about his having been in another room and ransacked' it Immediately prior to his entry In this ono.

Tho fifth conclusion waa erroneous, for the victim was not killed Instantly, a I had been Informed, and did not die for sevoral minutes after being carried into the offlc of this homo. As his death was not Instantaneous, he was capable of running several steps, and undoubtedly did, before succumbing to his wounds. The sixth conclusion had tho foundation torn out from under It by the same faotn und reasonings that removed tho third conclusion.

Johnston, located In the adjoining room could hear the shooting In the room occupied by Mr. In lha al stales ehrre thry will In Norniu,r Hiy cuiiailluie eumeebet I. A ieo. TnV;tarLrp Tn'wV i T e ftw nuto population la Px.

Anv rraeonehle ma i ciail. While I a. I reirrsw th. John B. To the Kdltur: 1 have read In ar 'r ""''' u.