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Buy Les Naufragés d'Ythaq, Tome 5: L'ultime arcane by Christophe Arleston, Adrien Les Naufragés d'Ythaq T L'ultime arcane (French Edition) and over 2.
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Nora decides to leave town, fearing for her safety, and to escape her heartbreak from Patch.


What will Nora find as she travels to South, and who will discover her? Now, first of all I have no idea why this book is called Hush, Hush. But to get from hushing to silence you need a diminuendo , not a crescendo. I just had an epiphany. That would be giving her more credit than she deserves. View all 41 comments. Apr 24, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love a good vampire story as much as the next para-junkie, but I have to say I now have a major weakness for fallen angels as well.

While I can understand some people making comparisons between this book and Twilight dark, brooding hero, and a heroine who, against her better judgment, can't keep herself from being drawn into the hero's mysterious world. But, in my own humble opinion, Hush Hush is a far superior book.


Yes this book has a few faults the bad guy is far too easy to figure out, and there are a few continuity issues that pop up , but they obviously didn't bother me that much since i basically read this book in one sitting. And finally, let me just say this Patch is one helluva hero. He's a full-on sexy badass, and I loved him to pieces.

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Here's hoping November comes quickly, so i can devour the 2nd book in the series. View all 16 comments. All of these "he wants to kill me and scares me but also protects me so SWOON" books are getting out of control. Please say it with me: Like he's not special for being able to kill you You can technically drown in a teaspoon of water, but you aren't grateful every time you drink water and it helps you instead.

Not killing you should be the expected norm. This is like some bad Twilight spinoff with an even more pathetic main character who just doesn't know what she wants. She flips back and forth between thinking Patch is a stalker who wants to kill her, but also being super drawn to him and thinking he could never hurt her She brushes aside all evidence that would draw the attention of any sane person and constantly writes herself off.

But then she's willing to jump to some pretty crazy conclusions and act on those, so I don't even know what to do with this character. I would say half of her behavior is entirely out of character if I could get a grasp on what that even is. Most of the story was just ridiculous. The writing wasn't the absolute worst thing I've ever read, so there's that.

But I really can't believe I finished the book I think I was just desperate for it to end up not being as bad as it seemed, but nope. View all 17 comments. Nov 04, Kogiopsis rated it did not like it Shelves: I have forty eight sticky notes. Well, forty nine, I suppose, since I use the little white backing thing too. They're quite nice sticky notes, designed not to be written on but as bookmarks; at some year in the past they magically appeared in my Christmas stocking, and I haven't really used them since. I suspect there were originally fifty, so I've used two elsewhere.

Less t I have forty eight sticky notes.

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Less than fifteen hours and over a hundred pages later, I ran out of sticky notes. I used the notes to mark particularly horrendous parts of the book- and frankly, I'm surprised they lasted this long. In the interest of not broaching another set of sticky notes which I may want from school, I'm going to deal with this book segment by segment; when I finish one round of sticky notes, I review and then continue.

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No perspective analysis, unless I really feel like it. All I'm going to do is quote Fitzpatrick, comment on the quote briefly, and move on. Before I even got through Section 1, I was over Goodreads' character limit by characters. I still have more than 9 pages counting one side of a sheet of lined paper as a page of handwritten notes to type up- and those aren't even including responses, they're just quotes.

So I'm going to cut this review down to the maximum accepted size and do some formatting too and post the rest in comments. Do the doings of one randy duke in Sixteenth Century France really concern the later plot? Kneeling there, blinking up through the rain, he saw two thick scars on the back of the boy's naked torso. They narrowed to form an upside-down V. Because that's how it seems. Wouldn't having flight muscles attached to your latissimus dorsi I believe that's the name, but the ones that wrap from the front of your ribcage to the back be awfully strenous?

Wouldn't you build up those muscles to unrealistic and bizarre-looking proportions? Pictures of this in the e-Zine would be all the evidence I'd need to get the board of education to ax biology. Odds of BoE firing idiot teacher or changing the curriculum are pretty good, though. Coach considered teaching tenth-grade biology a side assignment to his job as varsity basketball coach, and we all knew it.

Anyone who teaches it and can get a job teaching it has to, by definition almost, be devoted primarily to it. Science is an investigation, yes. Science requires observing things in a way which may be spy-like, yes.

Reading : Handbook Of Arabian Medicinal Plants

But it's not espionage. Deviate how you will from the scientific method, but most science is going to require experiments at one point, not just observation and certainly not just 'sleuthing'. Vee is my un-twin. She's green-eyed, minky blond, and a few pounds over curvy.


I'm a smoky-eyed brunette with volumes of curly hair that holds its own against even the best flatirn. And I'm all legs, like a bar stool. Bits and pieces, Ms. Fitzpatz, bits and pieces. Your readers are smart enough to 'patch' together a description from fragments scattered here and there where relevant. This spoon-feeding paragraph is distracting from the 'action' of the story and just slightly insulting to my intelligence.

My heart fumbled a beat and in that pause, a feeling of gloomy darkness seemed to slide like a shadow over me. It vanished in an instant, but I was still staring at him. His smile wasn't friendly. It was a smile that spelled trouble. Coach said, "Human reproduction can be a sticky subject. For the rest of the class, practice this technique by finding out as much as you can about your new partner. Word implies that he's taught them some kind of technique to use in 'sleuthing', but he clearly has not. Did she just learn what it means or something? Is she trying to show off?

I sat perfectly still. The ball was in his court- I'd smiled, and look how well that turned out. So why is someone who must have been going after her grades nigh-on aggressively her entire highschool career content to sit back passively and let someone else control the fate of an assignment? She has no drive and no persistence, obviously. Does Fitzpatz really think teenagers speak like this? He's stalking you and taking pictures, Nora, you airhead.