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HUMAINES) (French Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - Monde des mafias, La Grande Fraude, Géostratégie du crime (avec François Thual).
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An economist by profession, a movie producer, and a historian by hobby, Zumer has co-authored with Marc Flandreau a monograph on market perceptions of government credit worthiness in the 19th century, The Making of Global Finance OECD, , a study challenging popular assumptions about the effects of imperial domination on capital flows: He has published extensively on security issues, including peace operations, humanitarian intervention and the responsibility to protect, with an emphasis on Brazil and emerging powers.

His research focuses on the intersection between international business and public policy in emerging market countries, mainly in East-Central Europe and Latin America.

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His main interest is on the emergence and co-evolution of inter-firm networks and economic institutions by studying how a variety of sectors, from manufacturing to agriculture to banking, reconstruct themselves under conditions of high uncertainty. While this work speaks to ongoing debates in a variety of fields, such as management, economic sociology, and political economy, it aims to reveal fundamental lessons that can aid policy makers, managers, and civic leaders rebuild their communities. His earlier work focused on the impact of industrial networks on the creation of economic governance institutions in post-communist countries.

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He has made numerous documentaries and regularly writes for the New York Review of Books. He speaks Bahasa Indonesia and Melanesian Pigeon, and has over 20 years of experience as an explorer and biologist in New Guinea and surrounding countries, and has extensive knowledge of the region. His most recent book, which deals with carbon negative technologies, is Atmosphere of Hope. Searching for solutions to the climate crisis. He delivered the Australia Day Address to the nation. A graduate from the University of Zurich , Dr. Following the example of the Republic of Geneva, she built the first policy research unit at a Swiss cantonal ministry of education that dealt specifically with multicultural education.

A three-year postdoc research grant enabled her to go to the Universities of London, Toronto and UC-Berkeley to examine education policies for immigrants, asylum seekers and ethnic minorities in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States from an international comparative perspective. Her academic appointment at Columbia University, first as untenured Associate Professor, then as tenured Full Professor and Department Chair, started in In New York, she is based at the Department of International and Transcultural Studies in the graduate school of education, health and psychology of Columbia University called Teachers College.

She published eight books and numerous journal articles, book chapters, and reports on topics related to transnational policy borrowing and lending, global governance and education, global education industry, public-private partnership in education, or comparative research methodology.

Her geographic research focus is Mongolia and Central Asia. Since , she has been Professor of International Relations at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, where she will continue to teach a few weeks per year.

Her research is in International Political Sociology. Her current research focuses on the politics of digital, aesthetic and legal practices. Italy at the International Court of Justice. Robert Kolb was a lecturer in public international law at the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva — , and later an associate Professor at the University of Bern and adjunct Professor at the University of Neuchatel Bertrand Taithe is professor of cultural history at the University of Manchester - since the late s, his work has been devoted to the history of medical humanitarianism.

Much of his work involves the longitudinal study of youth gangs in Nicaragua but he also works on the political economy of development, the politics of socio-spatial segregation, participatory governance processes, the historiography of urban theory, and the epistemology of development knowledge. Most recently , she established the first public health school in Ukraine - Lviv School of Public Health - and has been appointed as its first Director. She is an internationally recognised expert in gender mainstreaming and intersectionality-based analysis, with particular interest in social and health policy.

He has co-authored a textbook on cross-cultural management, and he has taught a variety of courses in Austria, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland and the United States. He serves currently on several editorial boards, including those for Leadership Quarterly and Organizational Research Methods.

His research interests include diversity management, organisational climate and leadership. She is member of the board and the academic director of the T. Asser Instituut in The Hague. Trained in both international law and international relations, Dr Nouwen works on the intersections of law and politics, war and peace and justice and the rule of law.

Building on her experience in diplomacy and peace negotiations, her research focuses on how international law plays out in concrete situations.

His research focuses on the uses and abuses of the Dark Web, use of cryptocurrencies, and measurement issues in cybersecurity. His fields of expertise are monetary and financial economic history. He has written numerous articles and co-authored a book on emerging markets and financial globalisation. As a visiting professor, he has taught academic and policy-oriented audiences in places such as Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Lugano and Chisinau. His research focuses on international targeted sanctions, European and international security, non-state actors, governance and illicit trade.

He is author of The success of sanctions: He published on sanctions and private military and security companies in the Journal of Common Market Studies, International Affairs and International Peacekeeping. His investigations, grounded in ethnographic research in Cuba and Spain, have focused on the economic, social and cultural flows generated by international tourism and migration, with theoretical interests spanning three main areas of concern: Dr Simoni has published extensively in peer-reviewed books and journals and his first monograph came out with Berghahn Books in Teaching in Portugal and Switzerland, he has delivered classes and supervised students notably in the areas of tourism and travel, gender, sexuality and morality, and the politics of culture, identity and heritage.

The project focuses on how ideals of the 'good life' are articulated, re assessed, and related to specific places and contexts as a result of experiences of crisis and migration. A multi-sited endeavour, with three interrelated subprojects carried out in Spain PhD Candidate , Ecuador Postdoctoral Researcher , and Cuba Principal Investigator , the research explores the imaginaries and experiences of the return of Ecuadorian and Cuban men and women disappointed with their migration to Spain.

The project contributes to three main scholarly areas of enquiry: His research examines cognition, group bonding and organisational morphology in armed groups. Political Science and Politics. He spent more than half of his time with the UN in developing countries as an observer, manager and coordinator of multilateral aid.

During that time he wrote and made presentations based on his experience. He has written eight books on aid, development and the UN.

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Professor Sartori works at the intersection of the history of concepts and the history of capitalist society, with a special focus on colonial South Asia. He has published on the history of the culture-concept, liberalism, political thought and political economy. He is the author of Liberalism in Empire: Her current research focuses on the governance and effectiveness of global partnerships in climate change, education, health and nutrition.

DPhil thesis in History, Oxford University. Political economy Comparative politics Ottoman history Islamic world history Trans-regionalism Hegemony Postcolonial theory. Russian foreign policy International relations and political development. How the West Misunderstands China.

Cinq types de paix. Paris, PUF, , p. De la balance politique et de ses rapports avec le droit des gens: Boston, Brill, , Alle origini della divisione europea. Bruxelles, Bruylant, , p. English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu. Indian Seafarers and World Shipping, c. Roundtable on Globalizing Labour? Indian Seafarers and World Shipping , c. A political ecology of Latin American forests through time. Imperial College Press, pp. Financed by the Swiss Secretariat for Education and Research.

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History and politics of international organisations Humanity, humanitarianism, humanitarian intervention History of conflicts and conflict resolution , history of authoritarian and totalitarian regimes Transnational movements, NGOs and philanthropic organisations Europe Middle East Languages spoken: Shaping the Transnational Sphere: Il nuovo ordine mediterraneo. Agriculture and Rural Development in the European Union. University of Michigan Press. Co-edited with Markus Thiel.

Nicholas Greenwood Onuf and his Critics , ed. Social Responsibility and the Neoliberalisation of Feminism. Gender and the Politics of Financial Crises, eds. Hozic and Jacqui True.