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What becomes of that person when they are no longer the person they once were ? Shawna Stewart shares with her readers her life story that at times seems all.
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Pandya talks about what it takes to be a polymath and near-superhuman and excel in multiple fields. Download the PDF. On this episode we will be talking to Dr. Shawna Pandya. Dr Pandya, welcome to the podcast. How old were you when you began to define your goals and ambitions? When I was four, I wanted to be a superhero, or a Transformer, and save the world, and fight crime.

And that was when I was seven. So then I set my sights on the next ambition, which was becoming an astronaut and going to space.

And that really set the trap for everything that came next, especially in my adult life as in my professional career. And so everything I did as a child, whether it was what I was reading about my homework assignments, it was all about going to space and becoming an astronaut. And that laid the foundation for my professional life.

So when I was in the second grade, I loved reading. All I would do would be reading. So at recess, regardless of whether it was the middle of winter, or rain or shine, I would just have a book, and I would just read in a corner to the point where my teacher called my mom about it. And one day my mom was listening to a child psychologist on a radio talk show, and they were talking about problems with raising children. What do I do about that?

Some of my fondest memories are camping with my family, going to these beautiful locations, away from city lights. Just seeing the dark night sky and the stars leap out at you. I remember on one camping trip when I was seven, it was the Leonides meteor shower, and all we did was stay up till AM watching shooting stars through the sky. And so in commemoration, Canada Post, our version of the US Post Office released these commemorative little brochures that were really interactive.

They were all about facts of our solar system. What is the length of the day on Jupiter?

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What is the density of Saturn? How much would you weigh on Mars? And I was just obsessed with it. And so anything that was related to space always leapt out at me during my childhood. You had kind of these dueling ambitions. How did you end up reconciling those two, and then making both your dreams come true in the end? So actually my dream to be a neurosurgeon, fed directly off my astronaut ambitions. And I modeled a lot of what I did after what she did.

And so I looked at her and checked those tick boxes. So the next three steps are become a physician, become a neuroscientist, and become an astronaut. And then what led me to want to be a physician.

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And I knew she was a neuro ophthalmologist. And so through my high school years, I was obsessed with becoming a neurosurgeon. And so for me that was actually not a dueling ambition, but a stepping stone to the path of being an astronaut while also bringing in my love for medicine. And so that was how that ambition fit into my overall career path. You kind of created your own dream job.

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That everyday just keeps getting better and better. And so, to kind of continue the story, for a while these ambitions were at odds, and then they were complimentary. And I would always look for opportunities for internships and further education opportunities in space. And so I had always known about something called the International Space University and they had a masters program.

And to my surprise, I got into both. And I talked to the Faculty of Medicine, and I was so lucky. They were so supportive, and they encouraged me to defer admission for a year. And that was the start of everything that came next. I Wrote some papers on telemedicine and medical technology spinoffs from space that have benefited medicine on earth.

I attended conferences. It was like Disneyland for space nerds. And it was just everyday was this incredible adventure. After I finished medical school and all of these wonderful experiences, I came back to my neurosurgical dream, and actually landed a residency spot as a neurosurgical resident.

And for a few years, I trained at this. But the fact of the matter is nobody wants a distracted brain surgeon. And again, it came to making a key decision.

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But to have at least trained in neurosurgery, to have been part of brain surgeries for a few short years was just an awe inspiring incredible experience. And medicine, will always, it makes me grateful at least for the good that we often take for granted like good health and full mobility and having independence. You have certifications in solo skydiving, open water, Nitrox, and rescue diving. You speak numerous languages.

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You even sing and play the piano. How do you get it all done? Just the sheer effort of it. What does it take to pull it off? And then having a full day at the hospital, and then speaking Russian and Spanish and Hindi, and then going to a skydiving trek, all in the same 24 hours. We all have the same 24 hours available to us. And it matters, what you get done, is a function of how you prioritize. I remember the summer and fall of were particularly busy as there was the Canadian Space Agency astronaut selection, my medical licensing exams, I was trying to get hours on my flying up, get more diving certifications, skydiving certification.

And it was incredibly busy time. What are my priorities? And then you just have to accept that. So the other way I like to navigate my life is by maintaining what I call is a rate of scan. And so goal setting is much the same. So you have your overarching goals, where you want to be in 10 years, for example. It helps me stay focused, and also it helps me gauge my progress at regular intervals. And in the space world we love our acronyms. And so the obvious implication is tourism.